Wellness Retreat
Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

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Relax and indulge while healing body, mind & spirit

Our Tubby Time Gift Box includes mini matches used to light the palo santo, which can be burned in the large seashell. Also included is a CBD based relief balm and bath bomb. The final touch to your perfect bath routine are mini selenite wands to ward off bad energies. 

Hemp derived CBD and high-quality essential oils comprise the Bath Bomb and Relief Balm. Handmade by a local OC family-operated business, these products arrive in small batches with natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Inspired by all the ancient hemp plant has to offer, the company Life Flower is committed to high-vibrational wellness and improving the quality of human life. CBD, or cannabinodial is one of many healing, natural compounds found in the hemp plant that is used to deliver fast acting relief to many ailments.

Palo Santo or “holy wood” has been burned in rituals by South American shamans with belief that the smoke clears negative energies. Named after the ancient Greek moon Goddess, (Selene), Selenite crystals are clear stones known for their powerful healing and energizing properties.

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